Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In Fear of a Black President

Before reading or hearing the President’s speech, the extreme right wing accused the President of attempting to use the public school system to advance a socialist agenda. After all of the hysteria and phony outrage, the Nation has read and heard President Obama’s inspirational speech to students. The speech was non-political. The President emphasized the common theme of personal responsibility. He encouraged students to maximize their potential by studying hard and behaving well. Obama urged students to overcome challenges.

Clearly, the Right’s concerns were completely unjustifiable. It is obvious that Republican Party minions are desperately trying to do everything in their power to undermine the authority of President Obama. They have descended to a new low by resorting to fear mongering, race baiting, McCarthyism and ridiculous conspiracy theories. They are obstructionists. Their goal is to distract and confuse the American people by spreading misinformation. Post-partisanship and post-racialism appear to be unattainable. The extreme Right can no longer be ignored. They must be confronted.

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