Tuesday, May 25, 2010

John Stossel Calls for a Repeal of the Civil Rights Act

Appearing on Fox News, John Stossel, the Anchor of "Stossel" on FBN, defended Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul and stated that private businesses "should have the right to be racist". Adopting a rigid libertarian position, John Stossel asserted that it is time to repeal the Civil Rights Act. Stossel argued that the free market would eventually cause businesses to end discriminatory practices.

As a civil rights attorney, I have witnessed many businesses engage discriminatory conduct that was clearly contrary to their economic interests. Often, racism trumps economics. Strong laws are necessary to end discrimination.

Stossel suggests that African Americans should simply suffer through humiliating and degrading second class treatment until the market forces correct the problem. If this Nation embraced Stossel's view, African Americans would not be able to go to many restaurants, hotels and other places of public accommodations. We would be forced to sit, eat and live in the colored sections only.

Although I do not think that Stossel should be fired, his views should be challenged. Political candidates and parties sharing his views, such as Rand Paul and the Tea Party, must be defeated.

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