Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wyclef Jean Enters the Arena

On Thursday, rap star Wyclef Jean announced on CNN's Larry King Live that he is running for President of Haiti. Shortly after Wyclef made the announcement, former fellow Fugee member Pras stated that he is supporting Wyclef's opponent, Michel Martell. It gets worst. Actor Sean Penn gave a scathing critique of Wyclef Jean's candidacy. See the video clip below. Ouch! Politics is truly a blood sport!

Wyclef issued the following response:

"It is unfortunate that Sean Penn is unaware of Wyclef's magnificent commitment to the people of Haiti and his independence. His campaign has nothing to do with corporate or special interests and everything to do with his calling and belief he can lead and make a difference. Some of Mr. Penn's comments seemed so out of sorts that those close to Wyclef worried about Mr. Penn, who has also done important, life-saving, inspirational work for the people of Haiti. This is a time to think productively about solutions and long-term strategies to rebuild, not to insult anyone who dares to care. Haiti needs everyone to collaborate for a 21st century safe, productive nation.."

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