Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Every Brother Ain't A Brother!"

“Every brother ain’t a brother ‘cause a black hand squeezed on Malcolm X, the man. The shooting of Huey Newton, from the hand of a n**** pulled the trigger.” Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terrordome

The Washington Post reports that Ernest Withers, the so-called "original civil rights photographer"
….who died in 2007 at 85, provided photographs, scheduling information and biographical sketches to two FBI agents in Memphis, according to files the Commercial Appeal attained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The photographer was a former police officer, and the Memphis newspaper noted that Withers had eight children and may have needed the money paid to informants to support them.
...The photographer moved freely in the tight circle of King's lieutenants, taking pictures and selling them to black magazines such as Jet and other outlets.
If these allegations are true, Mr. Withers is a traitor. From the days of slavery to the days of the Civil Rights Movement, there have always been African Americans who are willing to sellout the people and the struggle for a few pieces of silver. When Gabriel Prosser planned a slave rebellion in 1800 in Richmond, Virginia, two slaves told their master about his plans and Prosser was executed.  When Denmark Vesey planned a slave rebellion in 1822 in Charleston, South Carolina, some uncle toms informed their master and Vesey was executed.
In more recent times, the FBI has long history of hiring African Americans to investigate, infiltrate, disrupt and destroy African American leaders and organizations. FBI targets included Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. DuBois, Malcolm X, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Kwame Ture (Stokeley Carmicheal), Fred Hampton, Huey Newton and many countless others.  Today, self-serving, self-hating, so-called black conservative organizations such as Project 21 deliberately attempt to undermine the modern day struggle of African Americans. 

We must identify, expose, condemn, isolate and alienate such traitors.  Please share your thoughts.


  1. When I read this report, my first question, if it is true, was "why!?" Did the FBI have something on him that forced him to co-operate? Or did he do it willingly?

    I was with you, that every brother ain’t a brother, (I've used this P.E. quote myself in posts) until your comment about Project 21:

    "Today, self-serving, self-hating, so-called black conservative organizations such as Project 21 deliberately attempt to undermine the modern day struggle of African Americans."

    Really? We need to be careful. I am not ideologically in agreement with most of what Project 21 advocates, but then again, I am not 100% in ideologically agreement with most people/organizations who attach themselves to a "label". I don't see black conservatives such as Project 21 as self-serving or self-hating... not any more or less than a black liberal such as Barack Obama. I see them as black people who have different perspectives on what is the best path for African-American empowerment.

    Whether I agree with someone's opinions and beliefs or not, isn't that important to me. What is important is that I listen without judgment, nor prejudice, especially to those who have a different ideology, political affiliation, religion or perspective on life, particularly if they are of African descent. I may actually learn something. They say even a wrong clock is right twice a day.

    Demonizing other black people because of their religious or political beliefs, or tribal affiliations, or gang colours, is the root to our self destruction. Look around the African/Black world and tell me if I am wrong. Whether propagated by "the white man" or by us (which is worst), it's counter-productive.

    Imagine how much further ahead African-Americans would be if they found common ground and united in their efforts. However, they choose to participate in the "divide and conquer" strategy based on imaginary, self-serving eurocentric political alliances.

    My point is: even black conservatives and black progressives can be "brothers".

    Blessings, my brother!

  2. Asabagna,
    Great points. I do not oppose all black conservatives. I wish all Africans would unite. Unfortunatey, whether consciously or unconsciously, some of our people take positions that are diametrically opposed to the interests of black people. For instance, Project 21 and "brothers" like Ward Connerly have fought to end affirmation action. In states where affirmative action has ended, the college enrollment rates for African Americans and Hispanics has drastically declined. Consequently, educational and employment opportunities for African Americans are far more limited in those states.

    Moreover, in the face of the blatant Tea Party racism, many black conservatives such as Doneen Borelli and Niger Innis close their eyes to reality. However, they have no problem attacking African American leaders and organizations.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Excellent points Mr. Asaka, I have inquired ,questioned and tried to reason with Project 21 folks. I have tried to find common ground. The ones who I have dealt with are delusional and wedded to ideas counter to the interest of the black community despite overwhelming evidence.

    Keep Up The Good Work