Monday, May 20, 2013

President Obama Encourages Morehouse Graduates To Serve the Community

Good morning family. Yesterday, President Barack Obama addressed Morehouse College graduates. The symbolism was compelling and powerful, the first black president speaking to a group of educated black men. Seeing all of those brothers gathered for a positive purpose reminded me of the Million Man March. Who would have known that we would have an African American president approximately 13 years later?

During his commencement address, the President urged the graduates to do good by serving humanity. He encouraged them to be world competitors and leaders. He encouraged the young men to be role models for the community. It was a truly inspiring speech.

Although he acknowledged that racism still exists, the President urged African Americans to stop making excuses and take personal responsibility. Most of us understand his point. Most black people are not making excuses. We are striving against the odds each and every day to improve our lives and our communities.

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