Thursday, November 7, 2013

Is It Open Season on Black People?

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The Detroit News reports that:
Dearborn Heights— Four days after a young woman was found dead outside a Dearborn Heights home at which she is believed to have sought help after a car accident, the family is asking: Why did she have to die?

Little has been publicly released about the circumstances of Renisha McBride’s death Saturday. The 19-year-old from Detroit died of a shotgun blast to the head outside the home in the 16800 block of Outer Drive near Warren Avenue. Dearborn Heights police said they have “identified the person who fired the shot and killed the woman.”

Her cellphone dead, her family said, she made her way to the house for help after the early morning accident.

“She probably wanted to ask him to make a call for her or if she could use the phone,” said McBride’s maternal aunt, Bernita Spinks.

Police have refused to release details of their investigation. The police chief did not return calls.

The family is filled with questions, said Spinks, a family spokeswoman. At a vigil late Wednesday, she asked: “Why did he have to shoot her?”

Spinks said the family met with police and Prosecutor’s Office about the shooting. She said police told the family the shooter is a man in his 50s.A preliminary autopsy indicated McBride was shot in the head, according to the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office. No other information on the autopsy was released.

Police on Wednesday asked the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office to issue a warrant for the resident in the fatal shooting, but late Wednesday, the office said it sent back the request.

“We have requested further investigation by the police that must be submitted to our office before a decision will be made,” said Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

As the family prepares for the funeral Friday of McBride, a recent graduate of Southfield High School and an employee of Ford Motor Co., family members said they are troubled by the circumstances of the shooting. Spinks said she believes her niece was racially profiled.
Unfortunately, this is not the first time that a white person killed a black person seeking help. Check out what happened to Jonathan Ferrell.

As reported in the Daily News,
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An unarmed former Florida A&M University football player shot and killed by police — who were responding to calls of a man trying to break into a house — was apparently just seeking help after a car accident.

Jonathan Ferrell, 24, was shot multiple times when cops say he surprised a trio of Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers by running toward them around 2 a.m. Saturday.

Police say Ferrell’s description matched one given by a woman who moments earlier called 911 to report a man knocking wildly on her front door and attempting to break in.
When we are not being killed by our own brothers and sisters, we are being killed by white racists who assume that all black people are dangerous criminals. They killed Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Jonathan Ferrell and now Renisha McBride. Is it open season on black people? How many more brothers and sisters must die before we finally wake the hell up and stand up?

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