Monday, May 19, 2014

Honoring Brother Malcolm X

Malcolm X was born on May 19, 1925.  No other black leader has had a greater impact on my life than brother Malcolm X. My road to black consciousness, activism and Islam began with a documentary about the life of Malcolm X. I began reading and listening to his bold, courageous and uncompromising speeches.  I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X and other books about him.  His speeches were not watered down for mass consumption and pacification.  They were raw and uncut.  The brother was independent and strong. 

His opinions were not for sell.  He did not have to answer to corporate funders.  He only answered to Allah.  He did not cow tow to anyone. Unlike many of today's so-called black leaders, he was not about self promotion and opportunism. He was not seeking to peddle books.  He was not seeking to have a television program or a radio show.  He was focused on the struggle for the black liberation. He was a brave soldier for the people. We need more soldiers like Malcolm X.

In pursuit of freedom, the brother paid the ultimate price, death. The oppressor may have killed the brother's body, but his spirit and message live on through us.  Malcolm X inspired generations of African Americans to stand up for freedom, justice and equality.  His example of progress, evolution and righteousness continues to motivate many to improve their lives. 

Rest in peace, dear beloved brother.  We will pick up your baton and continue the race towards self-determination and empowerment.  

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