Thursday, July 24, 2014

NYPD Cop Chokes A Brother to Death

Daily News Reports that:
A 400-pound asthmatic Staten Island dad died Thursday after a cop put him in a chokehold and other officers appeared to slam his head against the sidewalk, video of the incident shows.

“I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” Eric Garner, 43, repeatedly screamed after at least five NYPD officers took him down in front of a Tompkinsville beauty supply store when he balked at being handcuffed.

Within moments Garner, a married father of six children with two grandchildren, stopped struggling and appeared to be unconscious as police called paramedics to the scene. An angry crowd gathered, some recording with smartphones.

“When I kissed my husband this morning, I never thought it would be for the last time,” Garner’s wife, Esaw, told the Daily News.

She got no details from police until after she had gone to the hospital to identify his body, she said.
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News Day reports that:
Chokeholds are prohibited by the New York City Police Department and most departments," Bratton said at the news conference. The commissioner added that "Mr. Garner repeatedly complained of difficulty breathing as the officers wrestled him to the ground."

An ambulance was called and Garner went into cardiac arrest while he was being taken to Richmond University Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead, Bratton said. However, he added that the medical examiner will rule on the cause of death.

De Blasio and Bratton said that a final determination of any breaking of law or departmental regulations would be made after an investigation by the Staten Island District Attorney's office and police internal affairs.
Here is yet another example of police brutality and racism. The police did not have a legitimate reason to stop and arrest Eric Garner.  He was not violating any law. Mr. Garner did not pose a threat to the police. Obviously, the brother did not deserve to have his life choked away. Now, his family must sadly mourn the lost a husband, a father and a grandfather gone too soon.

Many African Americans voted for De Blasio based on his promise to improve the relationship between the black community and the police. The killing of Eric Garner is a brutal reminder that institutional racism will not automatically disappear with an election. In fact, police brutality and racial profiling may be permanent fixtures in the American life.

How many black men must die at the hands of the cops?! How many justice marches and rallies must we have?  Every other day, there is a new victim and a new demand for justice. Today's rallying cry is justice for Eric Garner. Unfortunately, tomorrow, it will be someone else.

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