Saturday, August 2, 2014

Justice for Eric Garner: Death Ruled a Homicide

Daily News reports that:
It was a homicide — and the chokehold killed him.

Eric Garner, the Staten Island dad who complained that he couldn’t breathe as he was subdued by cops, died from compression of the neck, the medical examiner said Friday.

The autopsy also found that compressions to the chest and “prone positioning during physical restraint by police” killed Garner. The manner of death, according to the medical examiner, was homicide.

Garner’s widow told the Daily News she was relieved that the coroner finally confirmed what she suspected since her husband died on July 17.

“Thank God the truth is finally out,” Esaw Garner said. “Thank God for that.”

Staten Island prosecutors are still investigating the 43-year-old man’s death. No one has been charged.

The announcement from the medical examiner’s office was the latest development in a case that sparked national outrage after The News obtained a sickening cell phone video. It showed Officer Daniel Pantaleo using the banned chokehold on the father of six.

Police say they approached Garner because he was selling unlicensed cigarettes — better known as loosies — and that he resisted arrest.

The medical report confirms what we already knew. The police killed Eric Garner over some damn cigarettes.

Eric Garner did not threaten the police.  He was unarmed.  He did not punch or swing at the police.    He had his hands in the air. While his hands were in the air, a cowardly, punk cop, Officer Daniel Pantaleo, jumped behind Eric Garner and strangled the life out of him. Basically, this is a modern day lynching. After the investigation is complete, I hope that Pantaleo is brought to justice. Justice for Eric Garner!

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