Friday, July 10, 2015

"This Flag Comes Down Today!"

"This flag comes down today!" Bree Newsome

Yesterday, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill to remove the racist Confederate flag from the state capitol. Today, after years of protesting and boycotting led by the NAACP, the racist Confederate flag finally came down.

I am glad to see that flag come down. However, the removal of that despicable piece of fabric will never make up for massacre of nine innocent African Americans. Although it is a significant step towards healing South Carolina and the nation, the removal of the Confederate flag will never fill the void of that tragic loss.  We will never forget the Charleston Nine.

Love and forgiveness may have brought down that hate symbol, but love and forgiveness did not stop Dylann Roof from slaughtering our brothers and sisters at Mother Emmanuel. Love and forgiveness will never protect us. Realism, vigilance and security will.  If you expect the movement to be appeased and dazzled by the symbolism, you are wrong, wrong as hell. Justice for the the Charleston Nine and Walter Scott.

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