Monday, April 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin's Killer Has Been Released!

Like a thief in the night, killer George Zimmerman slithered out of jail around midnight. The Washington Post reports:
George Zimmerman was released around midnight Sunday from a county jail on $150,000 bail as he awaits his second-degree murder trial for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin.  
The neighborhood watch volunteer was wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans and carrying a paper bag. He met a man in a white vehicle and drove away. His ultimate destination is being kept secret for his safety and it could be outside Florida.  
Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester said at a hearing Friday he cannot have any guns and must observe a 7 p.m.-to-6 a.m. curfew. Zimmerman also surrendered his passport.  
Zimmerman had to put up 10 percent, or $15,000, to make bail. His father had indicated he might take out a second mortgage.
His release sends a powerful message. Despite the fact that he killed an unarmed 17 year old boy, the court is essentially saying, "Mr. Zimmerman, you are not dangerous. You are not a flight risk. You probably acted in self defense."

I fear that this may be an omen of more injustice to come. I hope that this case does not end like the Emmett Till, Rodney King, Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell cases. This case may be just another eye opening reminder that the election of one African American president cannot reverse or eliminate the hideous legacy of slavery and racism.

Equal justice under the law is part of the American Dream. How long will that dream be deferred? In the words of Langston Hughes, what happens to a dream deferred? Will it explode like it did in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict? Unfortunately, when the courts and the police fail to provide justice, the people may take matters into their own hands. This article is cross-posted on Jack and Jill Politics.

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