Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Romney Gets Booed at the NAACP National Convention

I just finished listening to Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney address the NAACP National Convention. As I predicted, he talked about high unemployment in the black community and "school choice".

For him, free enterprise is the answer to all of America's problems. By free enterprise, he means de-regulation and low taxes for the rich corporations and people. He means trickle down economics. Those policies are not the solution. They are the problem. Those failed policies gave us the mortgage foreclosure crisis and soaring unemployment. Those policies gave us the recession.

During his speech, Romney condemned teacher unions and advocated for more charter schools. Schools in the inner cities are poorly funded and low performing. That is a problem that must be addressed. Although some charter schools may help some students, charter schools are not the solution to education disparities. In fact, charter schools and vouchers take away resources from our public schools. Instead of creating more charter schools, we need to ensure that all schools have equal funding and resources. Speaking of education, I wish I could have asked Romney about his views on affirmative action and the Fisher v. the University of Texas case.

Before this predominately African American, pro-Obama crowd, Romney again called for the repeal of Obamacare. Mitt Romney has not presented a viable plan to insure the uninsured. He has not presented a valid alternative to reduce medical insurance premiums. So yeah, I'm glad that the crowd booed him when he said that nonsense.

As if that wasn't enough, Romney had the audacity to declare say, "If you want a President who will make things better in the African American community, you are looking at him." Then, he proceeded to lecture us about family values. Unbelievable! Why do politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, constantly lecture black people about family values? They do not talk to any other group of people that way.

Mitt Romney ended his speech by mentioning scripture and the equality of all people. At that moment, I wish could have asked him about Mormonism. I would have asked him about Mormonism's racist beliefs.  According to Mormon scripture, black people are cursed and inferior. I would have demanded to know if he supports those views. I would have asked him how does his religion impact his policy decisions.

Frankly, I wonder why Romney even came to the NAACP National Convention. He certainly did not come to the Convention to win over black voters. For the most part, that is a mission impossible.

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